Exit stage right, pursued by a bear

As another week ends and brings us closer to the end of 2014 I spent a few minutes reflecting and have been shaken awake by the realisation that this would be my fifth year since matriculating in 2009, that has left me no less or more accomplished than what I expected in matric. The global economic climate has taken a beating since then and with the price of everything inflating out of control, I hadn’t set any of my goals in stone.

But now that I have had a few jobs and finally found something I am good at and am, to a certain degree, passionate about, it seems time for a recon of my goals and aspirations as a traveller in this age. Starting with a mind-map of my current situation, I will map out all aspects of my life right now in detail and determine a set of goals to be reached by the end of 2015, 2018 and so on…

Much like life, Social Media Strategy needs to adapt and evolve with the times and a half-yearly audit is a must. This is not only vital for content optimisation, but for reputation too.

How often do you conduct Strategy audits? Be a pal and share your stories 🙂

Exit, stage right, pursued by a bear 🙂