Foucault and social media: life in a virtual panopticon

Philosophy for change

This is the first instalment in a three-part series.

Part 2. I tweet, therefore I become
Part 3. The call of the crowd


You start the day bleary-eyed and anxious. You stayed up late last night working on a post for your blog, gathering facts and memes from about the web and weaving them into an incisive whole. Has it produced a spike in the stats? You sign in on your iPhone as you brew the coffee. But it’s too early to slip into the professional headspace – you decide that you don’t want to know. Someone has messaged you on Facebook, so you check that instead. Japanese manga mashup! Killer breaks off the cost of Lombok. Lady Gaga is a man and we have photoshopped evidence to prove it! A friend will appreciate that one, so you share it with her directly. Perhaps not something that you’d want…

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How to Rule Social Media Marketing in 60 Minutes a Day

I’m a bit skeptical about these 60 minute a day Social Media Marketing routines, but in retrospect we all have to start somewhere. Once you are managing up to 6 accounts and all their social media platforms and all the different types of media, 60 minutes will get you nowhere. I recommend at least 2-3 hours for each account, this should be sufficient time to get everything done.