Social Media Pro Tip: Industrious Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Establishing a presence on Social Media is an overwhelming challenge if it’s your first time at it. Even when doing so in your personal capacity. You need to decide on your brand image and accompanying message, by assessing your values and interests from both yours and your potential fans’ point of view.

Once you’ve got the look and feel of your account up and running, you need to decide on the type of content you will be sharing and whether or not you will be writing your own articles, blogs, posts etc. Maybe you would like to source content through social bookmarking platforms such as Digg, or Swayy. While Social Bookmarking is useful and extremely popular, it has its setbacks. The content available on these platforms may be relevant, but because it’s someone else’s work, you will lack the Continue reading


Despair and desolation: Pre-emptive failure

Although I am content with my current job, have a place to live and an income to feed me the fuel needed to go on, it seems I find myself being taken aback by the constant negativity and pre-emptive failure that has consumed our way of living.

How many times a day does one negate an attempt at something daring or frightful due to fear of failure, injury or loss?

We have evolved with the mindset that excludes any chance of success by default. A default caused by fear. Never knowing what could have been. Left pondering a life that would have been so much more, had we evaluated the pro’s and con’s of an endeavor properly, in stead of giving in to fear outright.

We need to beat out the negativity from our souls and just get on with the aforementioned life that we truly desire and most probably deserve. So here’s the challenge I am proposing, given what I have just said, you cannot say no; Go out today with an air of determination and utter belief that nothing you do will fail.

Imagine the possibilities!

Envision the outcome!


Voila! You have turned preemptive failure into fool-proof success.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?